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Why can't schools teach leadership?

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Educational programs have mostly done an insufficient job at developing competence and conviction that transfers to the real world.  

More specifically, to date we have faced a terrible choice. 


Passive methodologies such as lectures, videos  and workbooks are cheap to create and easy to scale.  But they only focus on "learning to know." 


Simulations have focused on "learning to do" including Harvard Business School case studies, airline flight simulators, computer games,  boot camps, and moot courts, but they are expensive and unscaleable.  

But we now have a way forward.  Short Sims are a revolutionary new approach to educational media that allows anyone to create "learning to do" content—on any topic from leadership to long division—in a timely way and that can be used all over the world. 


Technology independent and non-proprietary, Short Sims is the pedagogy the world needs right now to fix the Gutenberg distortion that has made education so inefficient and unfair.

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