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Short Sims for Inclusiveness

Description: Are you an inclusive leader? This efficient Short Sim quickly tests the learner's inclusive and growth thinking and ties daily tactics to broad strategies.  The sim also demonstrates how Short Sims can help develop new insights that had previously only been possible with longer programs.


Short Sims for New Experiences

Description: Clark Aldrich created a short experience to help employees imagine the new workplace to which they would be returning.  The project had to be easy to play for the learner and easy to customize for the clients.  This Short Sim has also been used by HR groups as "pre-reading" to plan their openings.  


Short Sims to Understand Behaviors

Description: For a cyber-security course, this Short Sim quickly enables learners to understand one key element of how hackers think. The sim also shows how labs can develop lasting knowledge and insights.


Short Sims to Understand Concepts 

Description: For the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clark Aldrich created this lab to help Econ 101 students to learn about demand curves experientially.  It and other Clark Aldrich Short Sims were embedded in next-generation textbooks.   


Short Sims for B-Schools and High Potential Employees

Description: This Short Sim - a simple yet sophisticated business simulator - served as a shared case study for a group of high potential managers to enable richer, aligned conversations in a large corporation's most popular class. 


Short Sims for New Employees

Description: This Short Sim helps new employees understand the workflow and challenges they would have to navigate in their new job.


Short Sims for Cyber Security

Description: This Short Sim helps all employees understand Ransomware.  It not only develops tactical and higher level thinking, but also puts the learner in the shoes of the hacker to understand their thinking.  


Short Sims for Salespeople

Description: Oracle needed to shift their salesforce to a cloud strategy.  This excerpt from a longer Short Sim helps salespeople understand features from their customers' perspective.  


Short Sims for Experimentation

Description: Clark Aldrich created a short game to expose Econ students to the Four P's of marketing.  The approach is quick, interesting, and effective.   


Short Sims for Universities

Description: This Short Sim helps college freshmen experience a difficult Econ concept in a visual and engaging way.  It also demonstrates how Short Sims can bridge the gap between lectures and homework in STEM topics.


Short Sims for New Experiences

The full Short Sim takes players through an IPO process to ground an understanding of primary markets.