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Leadership for New Managers

Most new managers are forced to learn critical leadership skills on the job.  The cost to productivity and morale is enormous.

This is why organizations are reprioritizing management development. 

These Off-the-Shelf Short Sims dramatically reduce the transition time for your high potential employees as they shift from being individual performers to managers and leaders. 

  • Learners love them because they feel natural and relevant.

  • Sponsors love our Short Sims because they are fast and effective.

  • Learning professionals love them because they are predictable and easy to deploy. 

At Short Sims, we are known for our superior methodology and rapid response to client needs. 

And most importantly, our clients come back to us for more Short Sims.


Scroll down to learn more about Short Sims creator Clark Aldrich, founder of Gartner's E-Learning Practice and author of six books.

Topics include:

  • Role Modelling/ Self-Awareness

  • Delegating Authority/ Preventing Burnout

  • Managing a Hybrid Team/  Work-life Balance(Parts 1 & 2)

  • Inclusive Lab for High Potential Employees

  • Employee Intervention for Missed Expectations

You can purchase these Short Sims individually or as a bundle.


Clark Aldrich and Leadership Simulations

Clark Aldrich has spent over two decades building leadership simulations. 

He has collaborated with leadership partners ranging from Harvard Business School professors to The Center for Army Leadership to the United Nations.   He has worked closely for many years with the CxO level of a Fortune 25 corporation and at the board level of one of the largest US military agencies.  Some of this time was spent in his 5th Avenue NYC office, where he worked exclusively with dozens of Fortune 100 CIOs on their leadership and development programs.  He currently provides leadership and other simulations for the Department of State, major corporations, non-profits, and educational entrepreneurs. 


Aldrich has a US patent in leadership simulations, and one of his leadership simulations won "Best Training Product of the Year" by ATD (then ASTD.) He has had multiple articles on leadership published by leading industry magazines, and his book dedicated to leadership simulations (Wiley) also won multiple awards.  

Clark Aldrich's leadership simulation work has been featured on/in:

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