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Does it matter where your educational content is made?

A Tale of Manufacturing For the last few decades, American companies have outsourced their manufacturing to low wage countries. Household products and clothes made overseas looked the same as the domestic products they replaced. But they did not feel the same. Products broke easily. Clothes became disposable. Many US companies became top heavy with marketing, branding, and management. Over time, this approach killed markets. Where Content is Made Matters Many eLearning companies are going down the same path, focusing on marketing and sales while outsourcing product development to overseas eLearning sweatshops. And buyers of outsourced online courses are starting to realize that their custom content isn't as effective as it used to be. All Short Sims are Made Completely in New England New England has become energized. Entrepreneurship is soaring and companies are moving here from more restrictive regions in record numbers. Historically scrappy and innovative and now unleashed, New England and this ethos of independent thinking is epitomized by Short Sims.

(This thinking permeates everything we do. In the photo below, my shirt and trousers are made in the US, and more specifically, the belt, shoes, and leather knapsack are all made in New England.)


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