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Everyone is raving about our Short Sims Workshops!

Everyone is raving about our Short Sims Workshops! Here are some recent learner comments:

"Clark, We appreciate your excellent training and insights. This has moved us forward in a direction that we’ve wanted to follow for a while. If you decide there is an advanced training, please let us know."

"Many thanks for the very helpful course. I’m glad I plucked up the courage to share my Short Sim last time because your feedback was invaluable.”

“Thank you for the amazing seminar and for sharing your knowledge and experience with our team.”

"Thank you for a great course - we've been working hard on how to implement Short Sims for our clients."

"Many thanks for your clear and helpful feedback. It does take a lot of reflection and honesty (or right-mindedness) to make a good-quality Short Sim."

“The learning classes with you, well I would say more that it were a masterclass and I enjoyed so much. Honestly, I learned in few hours so much and it exceeded my expectations. You showed us how to let our inner creativity bloom.”

"It’s hard work but the results are amazing.”

"'Thank you' Clark for a great class! And to my fellow classmates - I learned a lot from you. It was inspiring."

Example of certificate:

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