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My takeaways from Clark's Guide to Short Sims

Clark just wrote this article with iSpring:

Here are my top seven takeaways:

  1. Role-playing and other experiential learning in short simulations is replacing reading workbooks and listening to lectures as the foundation for education.

  2. Consultants, magazines, and conference promoters have locked the education and training industries into a cycle of dreaming big—hyped future consumer technologies (Metaverse, ChatGPT)—while delivering small—PowerPoint lecturing and PowerPoint-style workbooks. Short Sims escape this.

  3. Short Sims are fully compatible with today's education technologies, budgets, timeframes, and skillsets, while also capturing the perfect way to learn: doing something worthwhile that lines up with the real world, and judiciously receiving some supportive guidance. Short Sims are so natural that most learners don’t see how revolutionary they are.

  4. Through working with clients, we have found (and present) five basic types of Short Sims that show how versatile they can be, from high level dynamic skills to low level technical.

  5. For example, traditional methodologies have failed in developing leadership, while Short Sims develop (mid-level) leadership comfortably.

  6. Creating Short Sims should be timeboxed at 40 hours. Clark's workshop shows people how.

  7. Companies that are interested in shifting to an experiential based curriculum should start with off-the-shelf sims.


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