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Clark Aldrich Designs LLC

A Sample Portfolio of Educational Simulations and Concepts outside of Short Sims

Clark Aldrich Designs produces custom learning scenarios for a range of clients including corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs.


See examples of Aldrich's traditional educational simulation work below, and Short Sims on the examples page.


Virtual Leader

Description: The client required a highly effective leadership development game. To meet this need, Clark Aldrich created Virtual Leader. Virtual Leader, with its deep AI, was proven to develop long-term, real world behavior improvements by rigorous academic and military research. The sim would earn millions of dollars in revenues and a U.S. patent (as well as ASTD’s Best Training Product of the Year). Virtual Leader was featured in news sources including New York Times, CBS, and CNN.

Type: Educational Simulation

Virtual Leader became the most popular leadership simulator in
the world.

Rich after action review tools allow for productive reflection.

Robust artificial intelligence and
dynamically generated body language and dialogue make no two plays the same

Finances for Non Financial Managers

Description: A major retailer wanted a course to develop, in non financial managers, a deep understanding of complex financial concepts. Clark Aldrich designed a game where managers could "play around" with subtle and detailed concepts in a workbench style environment that developed a kinesthetic and visual understanding rather than an academic one of key concepts. 

Type: Educational Simulation Concept (Design work)

Players make decisions around
value chains.

Players must consider
multiple constituents in making decisions.

The same moment can be seen from a traditional spreadsheet or an interactive workbench style interface.


The Play True Challenge

The sports component was an
engaging arcade style casual game. 

Description: The client, the World Anti-Doping Agency, required a fun game that would spread around high school communities that nonetheless presented some real world consequences of athletes who doped. Clark Aldrich designed a simulation that had two components, a sports component and a life component. Play True Challenge was produced with partner Web Courseworks and was featured on ESPN.

Type: Educational Computer Game

In this life side of the sim, athletes made decisions around how to prepare for competitive events, including making
doping decisions.

Play True Challenge was designed for and tested with an international audience.


Army Influence Trainer

Mentor character facilitates self-paced use.

Fast paced minigame reinforce
key concepts

Description: The Center for Army Leadership required a simulation that was standalone, easy to deploy all over the world, SCORM compliant, and that required soldiers to practice specific alternative leadership techniques. To meet this need, Clark Aldrich
created the Army Influence Trainer. 

Type: Leadership Lab

After Action Reviews


Healthy Lifestyle

Each turn, the player chooses an unhealthy grid on a community map to play the challenge to turn it to a healthy grid. 

The player must use leadership techniques to convince others.

Description: The goal of the game is to influence students to be leaders in their community around exercise/obesity issues. Players play versions of themselves on a mission to change the health of their community.  This part of the game focuses on choosing healthy options from imperfect, real world situations.

The player then sees the consequences of his or her combination of choices in a sped-up time-style. A silhouette that gets fatter or more muscular in response to the choices and a third display shows what is happening biologically.

Type: Educational Simulation Concept (Design work)


Clark Aldrich

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Clark Aldrich works on projects with corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs to implement the future of education.  


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