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Episode 1: With Jim Grenier on Open Source Education

Topic: Open Source Educational Content Authoring Tools for Academics and Corporations Guest: Jim Grenier


1:00 - Open Source Repositories and Working with Subject Matter Experts

4:16 - Working with Faculty and Course Formats: PDFs, DOCs, Twine, BranchTrack

7:41 - Students and Tools: PPTs

8:58 - Working with LMSs and Authoring Tools

14:27 - Electronic Textbook Formats: DOC vs. HTML

18:21 - Wikispaces for Textbooks by Students, and Google Docs

20:57 - The Shift from Scarcity to Abundance of Content, and the Impact on Curricula; and Making Meaning Beyond Data

26:29 - Coding and Machine Learning as a Partner

Bio: Jim Grenier is an educator who focuses on learner self-empowerment though better use of technology. He was named one of 25 thought leaders in virtual communications in 2012 by the Association of Virtual Worlds and is the co-developer for The RhetSims writing simulation series.

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