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Episode 2: With Peter Shea on Open Source Education

Topic: Open Source Educational Content Authoring Tools for Academics and Corporations Guest: Peter Shea


0:20 - Some Peter Shea's Authoring Tools: Quandary, Track, Twine, BranchTrack

3:20 - Adding the Right Level of Interactivity to Open Source Content, and Engaging Professors

5:00 - Formats for Interactive Content: HTML, HTML 5, PowerPoint

8:38 - Partnering with Professors and Shared Studios

9:31 - Simple Authoring Tools and Big Ideas as a Transition to More Computer Game-Like Experiences

12:49 - Capturing the Value of Interactive Media

Bio: Peter Shea is an instructional designer whose primary area of interest is emerging learning technologies. Currently, he serves as the Director of the Office of Professional Development at Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts.