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Episode 5: With Andy Hicken on Knowledge Drips as an Alternative to Traditional Continuing Education

Topic: Knowledge Drips and Checks in the Real World - Single Weekly Questions For Continuing Education Credits in a Medical Community Guest: Andy Hicken Recorded On: Wednesday, 1:00 EDT, April 18, 2018


0:10 - Starting Point: The Broad Premise and Challenges of Knowledge Checks in Educational Media

2:03 - A New Microlearning Approach to Continuing Education in Healthcare

8:42 - Using Speed-to-Answer to Measure Conviction

11:20 - Spacing Out Educational Programs, Including Assessment

13:26 - Remediation Content for Doctors (and Other Self Directed Individuals), and Test Scenarios that Align with Real Life

17:00 - In Broader Scenario-Based Learning Programs, When and How Should the Formal Teaching Occur? Two Approaches.

22:42 - Building Comfort for the User in an Interactive Environment

Bio: Andy Hicken is Director of Quality and Strategy at Web Courseworks. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in in 2009, and has conducted two Fulbright-funded research projects on popular culture in Indonesia.

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