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Episode 6: With Tom Lowery on Learning Programs that Meet the Learner Half-Way (or More)

Topic: Learning that is Designed with the Learner's Work Flow in Mind Guest: Tom Lowery Recorded On: Sunday, 1:00 EDT, April 22, 2018


0:06 - Kickoff Question: What needs to go into the successful use of educational media in a corporate setting, besides the media iteself?

1:08 - Long range and strategic learning that does not interupet the daily tactical flow of work 5:19 - Employees balancing personal goals and corporate goals 6:05 - An example of a learning programs that was designed to align with the busy executive's work flow and skill set 10:00 - A war on words in pedagogical design, and the discipline of repeatable content 13:25 - Osmosis - The social note-taking tool for medical students <https://www.osmosis.org/> 15:11 - The evolution of a system from augmenting just-in-time learning to augementing a process directly 18:28 - The value of mixing up learning approaches (including note taking) 20:54 - Immersive learning that delibrately takes the learner out of the flow of work 22:13 - When learning is the job vs. when learning gets in the way of the job vs. when learning is always part of the job 24:07 - What happens when learning is fun, in terms of making it part of the cultural tapestry?

Bio: Tom Lowery has led teams and initiatives to advance organizational and professional development since 1995. He currently oversees executive and leadership-competency development for the $6.6B federation of U.S. YMCAs, where he and his team support 20,000 full-time staff and 50,000 board volunteers. He was Group Vice President, Talent Management, for Gartner, Inc., where he led the global corporate university, succession management, performance management, and employee engagement. As a consultant, he has advised senior leaders and teams in Fortune 100 companies and nonprofit organizations in organizational development, talent management, change management, and collaboration. He received an M.A. in ethical leadership from Claremont Lincoln University and a B.A. in political studies from Pitzer College.

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