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Episode 13: With Piotr Mitros on The Current Imbalance between Market Incentives with Educational Ou

Topic: How are we making trade-offs in educational media, such as between open-source and owned content, between content with a high satisfaction and content that challenges students, between security and transparency for student data, and between the roles of private and public organizations? And how should students prepare for a career in educational media? Guest: Piotr Mitros Recorded On: 8/31/2018

Bio: Piotr Mitros is an innovator and expert in the field of education. He has been a co-founder or key early employee at three organizations, all of which have crossed the $100 million mark. Mitros is a frequent keynote speaker, panelist, and consultant on: disruption in education, assessment, learning analytics, educational datamining, open educational resources, learning-at-scale, open education, use of evidence in education, ICT for development, and crowdsourcing in education.

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