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Episode 28: With Heather Dodds on The Killer App Uses of Virtual Reality in Education Today

Topic: Despite the hype, there may be just two best uses of virtual reality in education today. But CLOs and Deans can take other steps as well. Guest: Heather Dodds

Show Notes:

  • Education consultants and conferences over-hype new leading technologies, from video, computer games, and mobile, to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Learning how to save lives in a kinesthetic environment is one killer app today.

  • Taking on new roles (including building empathy and product development) is a second killer app.

  • However, anywhere leaders, from academic to corporate to military, want to add some currency to an important educational program, virtual reality can be an option, if the right rules are followed.

  • As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality goggles become cheaper and more commonly used in some workplace sectors, they will be more readily and intuitively available for training (including just-in-time), and they will put pressure on schools to use goggles to better prepare students for those professions.

  • The state of AR is evolving quickly. Coca-Cola is doing some interesting AR applications.

  • "In the future, all training and work support efforts will be intermediary steps to total automation by robots and AI."

  • The Short Sims pedagogy may be the best one for creating educationally sound VR today, and also for preparing for VR down the road. There may be an ecosystem where organizations first build and refine Short Sims, then build and refine full games based on the Short Sims if necessary, and then build and refine VR experiences based on the games, over the course of five years.

  • We are getting bio-chemical confirmation of the efficacy of VR.

  • Part time students will have a greater problem with VR.

  • Techniques for empathy training may get more traction in the area of product development.

Heather Dodds on LInkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com/in/toheatherdodds/>