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Episode 29: With Dr. Michael Sutton on The Use of Quests and Other Activities to Develop Emotional I

Topic: Experiential learning is necessary to develop emotional intelligence. How can that be rigorously applied? Guest: Dr. Michael Sutton

Issues Explored:

  • 90% of organizations are primarily using passive approaches to learning.

  • Quests and The Hero's Journey are foundational construct for learning. Can these be predictably orchestrated by a learning organization?

  • Experiences are necessary to develop emotional intelligence.

  • Fear is the default emotion of most programs.

  • Both failure and fun must be possible in a quest.

  • Some schools use quests as the way most learning happens. Some corporations use more limited versions, including skunk works.

  • In MBA classes, making games can be a better way to cover material.

  • Do immersive experiences (or sabbatical learning) work in today's corporate and part time educational environments? When immersive programs went from two days to one day, they fell apart. This is why military and academic approaches may work less well today in corporations.

  • Executive sponsors are key to success for programs.

  • How should these programs be evaluated?

  • A great way to start is to bring in an expert to build knowledge and get off to the right start.

  • Create support for pioneers.

  • Some failure is part of the process. Only 75% of more conceptual projects may come together.

  • For students, reflective learning in writing is helpful after an activity.