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Making Education and Corporate Learning Fair

Education, including corporate training, has a systemic, toxic flaw.

The learning it promotes in its workbooks, lectures, papers, and tests is centered on "learning to know." For decades, from K-12 to the best graduate schools and corporations, this bias has greatly helped some of the population and greatly discriminated against others.

The action-focused people have been labelled trouble makers and ne'er-do-wells by the academic 1%ers, despite the action-focused population's overwhelming representation amongst the CEOs and other leaders of the world. We have all seen the recent, chilling negative societal impact of institutionally marginalizing these action-focused people.

I have spent decades with organizations developing a model to balance education's capabilities, focusing on "learning to do." Still simple and straightforward, Short Sims align with how we all learn in the real world. It finally levels the playing field for a massive segment that has been sidelined by today's education and training methodologies.

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