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Short Sims by Clark Aldrich

Are you ready for the new workplace in the age of COVID-19?

Play this Short Sim to find out.

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Free for organizations to use with their employees as is.

Customization available.  


Quick, engaging, and better metrics

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Short Sims

The New Normal for Online Learning

in Corporations and Universities

CLARK ALDRICH wrote the book on Short Sims.


Short Sims are quick online scenarios that give people real experience.  They are the new keystone of online learning, replacing PowerPoint style content.

Short Sims are for organizations that need:

Speed - Can be produced far more quickly to help CLOs get in front of their backlogs, and react nimbly to new needs.

Active Content - Are action-oriented, so are more engaging for learners and deliver better results for sponsor

Richer Metrics - Track what is learned with more informative and precise metrics.


And are non-proprietary, so can be created using many different tools, and easily updated. 


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The cover story of January's TD Magazine heralds a revolution.  'Short Sims' represent a new model of shorter, more engaging content. They may be the first educational media to meet the needs of both learners and sponsors. Get Clark Aldrich's article here.


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We are your partners in opening up fintech and other opportunities, and making new regulations nothing to fear.



It's not just new skills, but new perspectives that have to be developed in record time.



Programs can be rigorous and audit-able, and still innovative and transformative.  


We made 99% of textbooks and online content obsolete.  But just add Short Sims to make them relevant again.



We focus not just on compliance, but conviction.  



Being the smartest person in the room is fine, but being the most influential is better.  




Something just happened.  Today's technology - if used elegantly - can now solve one of the biggest problems of every leader: 


How do you grow the competence and conviction of everyone all of the time, in a way that is predictable, cost-efficient, and valued? 


This next stage of the evolution of formal learning did not come easily.  We conducted almost two decades of research and pilots globally with organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Harvard Business School Publishing, Department of Defense, ETS, and various game companies, and then delivered dozens of transformational experiences with the world's leading organizations, from VISA to Department of State.   During this time, our approach changed from simple to complex, to simple.


Today, our expertise in Learning to Do has never been deeper


Email: clark@shortsims.com