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Instructional Design Workshop

for Organizations

Clark Aldrich's

Short Sims

Instructional Design Workshops

for Organizations or Individuals

Clark Aldrich's

Many organizations will want to develop their internal employees or contractors on this methodology in a class. ​ In this workshop, designers will learn from Clark Aldrich how to create Short Sims, and end the workshop with their first Short Sim created.

This course is perfect for traditional instructional designers and those who have branching story authoring experience that they want to take to the next level. ​  

Organizations must commit at least ten designers to a custom workshop.

The optional textbook is Short Sims: A Game Changer and the 5 class curricula is:


A Series of Interesting Decisions

  • What are Short Sims?

  • The Best Tools

  • The Most Effective Topics

  • The Secret of a Subject Matter Expert Interview


  • Identify the topic for your Short Sim

  • Interview your Subject Matter Expert


How to Make it Simple

  • The Right Settings and Success through Simplicity

  • Quickly Creating the Rough Draft

  • The Elements of a Successful Interaction

  • The Right Layout to Save Your Sanity

  • Basic Decisions and Resolutions

  • The role of the Coach


  • Create a working draft interaction


Invest your creativity in The Interface

  • ​The Staggering Power of Consistency: Learning from Computer Games

  • Eliciting Real World Behaviors in Multiple Choice ​


  • Finish the second draft of the Short Sim


Graphics & Feedback

  • Adding Graphics

  • Getting the Right Feedback the Right Way

  • Quick Turnarounds


  • Finish Short Sim


Advanced models

  • Show and Discuss Final Short Sims

  • Plan Next Short Sim

  • Advanced Models

  • Creating a Culture of Short Sims

  • Short Sims as a Necessary Enabler of VR, AI, and Other Future Technologies