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Clark Aldrich

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Train the Developers

Many organizations will want to develop their internal employees or contractors on this methodology in a master class.  

In this workshop, designers will learn from Clark Aldrich how to create Short Sims, interact with a small group of other designers, and end the workshop with their first Short Sim created.

The optional textbook is Short Sims: A Game Changer and the curricula is:


A Series of Interesting Decisions

  • What are Short Sims?

  • The Best Tools

  • The Most Effective Topics

  • The Secret of a Subject Matter Expert Interview


  • Identify the topic for your Short Sim

  • Interview your Subject Matter Expert


How to Make it Simple

  • The Right Settings and Success through Simplicity

  • Quickly Creating the Rough Draft

  • The Elements of a Successful Interaction

  • The Right Layout to Save Your Sanity

  • Basic Decisions and Resolutions

  • What the Coach Really Is 


  • Create a working draft interaction


Invest your creativity in The Interface

  • The Staggering Power of Consistency: Learning from Computer Games

  • Eliciting Real World Behaviors in Multiple Choice

  • Reviewing Work So Far

  • Richer Graphics for Pedagogical Impact 


  • Finish the second draft of the Short Sim


Feedback and Metrics

  • Getting the Right Feedback the Right Way

  • Quick Turnarounds

  • Tracking the Sims through Better Metrics


  • Get feedback

  • Finish Short Sim


Advanced models

  • Show and Discuss Final Short Sims

  • Plan Next Short Sim

  • Advanced Models

  • Creating a Culture of Short Sims

  • Short Sims as a Necessary Enabler of Other Future Technologies


A final Short Sim, corporate ready, is required either on or within a week of Class 5.

What is the Class on Short sims
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Example of Custom Short Sim

A Time Lapse Draft Creation