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Short Sim Workshops | Short Sims

Train the Developers

Many organizations will want to develop their internal employees or contractors on this methodology in a master class.  

In this workshop, designers will learn from Clark Aldrich how to create Short Sims, interact with a small group of other designers, and end the workshop with their first Short Sim created.



The fee is $900.00.


The textbook is Short Sims: A Game Changer and the curricula is:


Topics and Tools

  • An overview/ example of Short Sims (COVID19)​​

  • The best uses for Short Sims

  • Identify topics

  • Tools

Homework (Due one day before next class)

  • Create the simplest Short Sim

  • Commit to final topic and schedule SME interview


EXPERt Interviews and SeTTINGs 

  • Review simple Short Sims

  • Level design/ example (Photo)

  • Interview process for subject matter experts

  • Breaking down interviews

  • Identify the setting 


  • Interview SME

  • Create notes


Blocking Levels, Coach, and Graphics

  • Blocking out the sim and the basic mechanics

  • The role of the coach

  • Basic visuals and graphics

  • Example (Demand)


  • Create high level draft of final Short Sim (2 levels)


Finalizing and Calibrating

  • Getting feedback from sponsors

  • Share some draft sims for group comments

  • Advanced visuals and graphics


  • 1 on 1 Calls with Clark Aldrich (15 minutes)

  • Finish final Sim


Advanced models

  • Show and discuss final Short Sims

  • Plan next Short Sim

  • Advanced models

  • Creating a culture of Short Sims

  • Short Sims as a necessary enabler of other future technologies


A final Short Sim, corporate ready, is required either on or within a week of Class 5.

What is the Class on Short sims
00:00 / 01:11

Example of Custom Short Sim