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Next week, I will be speaking at The Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning (iGBL2023 )

Join me! Here is my presentation's abstract:

Why have schools proven to be so hard to evolve? Why can’t schools teach innovation and leadership, despite over 30 years of communities asking for them? Why are schools so much better at teaching facts than skills?

Our current models of schools have calcified upon lecture, textbooks, and workbooks to teach. These methodologies, however, are bias towards the limited skills of memorization and analysis, no matter the subject. And they are biased towards only one kind of learner.

Clark Aldrich has been researching new approaches to experiential learning pedagogies that engage more students by teaching empowering and valued skills – from leadership and innovation to certification skills.

Clark has piloted and evolved experiential models with organizations ranging from the United Nations to the Center for Army Leadership, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Moody’s, Visa, International Red Cross, and Rutgers’ School of Social Work, meeting demanding skill needs in real-world environments.

His research has culminated in a technology-independent, non-proprietary, and more inclusive new pedagogy, Short Sims.

Short Sims are experiential learning that are still fully compatible with today’s schools, instructors, and technology infrastructure. As more Short Sims are created, almost any instructor can deploy Short Sims in their face-to-face or remote classes. And many, many instructors will tap more of their potential and redefine their careers to become highly proficient, Short Sim designers.

Through scalable experiential learning, schools can engage vast swaths of people who have not found traditional education to be speaking their language. And will empower all students to better tap their passions to control their future.

Clark will share how this new pedagogy and a roadmap to the future that redefines what it means to be educated, and how you can get involved.

This is how, together, we change the world.


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