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Custom Short Sim Development

We custom build end-to-end Short Sims, individually or entire libraries.  These can be stand-alone or embedded into courses.   Our Short Sims can be used in a variety of environments, including education, sales, publishing, e-learning, communications, and can be used with your customers, employees or students.  We also work with other eLearning developers to meet the needs of their clients.

How to order a Short Sim

Here is what a client has to do to order a Short Sim:

1. Pick a topic.


2. Kick off the project with us in a 30 minute discussion.

3. Identify a Subject Matter Expert who can dedicate 45 minutes for an interview.

4. Review the draft of the sim when done for tone and language, which you will receive about a week after the Subject Matter Expert interview.

5. Review the final sim, which you will receive about a week after your comments are received.


From this process, you will receive a SCORM compliant, finished Short Sim ready for stand-alone web or LMS delivery, or for addition to a workbook. 


The whole process takes about three weeks.  Sounds easy?  That's because it is.