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Custom Short Sim Development


We custom build end-to-end Short Sims, individually or entire libraries. These can be stand-alone or embedded into courses.   Our Short Sims can be used in a variety of environments, including education, sales, publishing, e-learning, communications, and can be used with your customers, employees or students.  We also work with other eLearning developers to meet the needs of their clients.​

The typical Short Sim is:

  • A two-level sim, about 6 minutes long, typically covering one focused situation experientially.  These are the most common, and can be stand alone but typically are included in a workbook or course.  (Minimum order: 2 Short Sims)

    Example of Short Sim.

In some cases, clients will order other lengths of Short Sims, including:

  • Single-level sims, about 2-3 minutes long, focus on just one beat.  "Short Shorts" are not self-contained and used by organizations sprinkled throughout a workbook or course.  (Minimum order: 3 Short Sims)

  • A three or four-level sim, about 10-12 minutes long, stand-alone and self-contained.  They are experiential and immersive, and hit several learning points. These longer Short Sims encourage deeper reflection. (Minimum order: 1 Short Sim)

How to order a Short Sim​ deliverable

Here is what a client has to do for each Short Sim deliverable they order:

​1. Pick a topic. 

​2. Kick off the project with us in a 30 minute discussion.  If you have a specific sim situation in mind (setting, characters, story beats, high-level script, and/or positive and negative outcomes)  let us know.  

3. ​Identify a Subject Matter Expert who can dedicate 45 minutes for an interview and schedule an SME interview to be conducted by Clark Aldrich Designs LLC. 

​4. In about ten business days after the SME interview, you will receive a draft of the sim(s) to be reviewed. 

5. Spend up to ten business days capturing the changes to be made.  If you are using numerous reviewers, identify a central person in your organization to gather (and where necessary, reconcile) the changes.  Submit them to CAD in one final list for each sim.   

​6. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate all proposed changes. About five business days after you submit your changes to CAD, you will receive your final sim(s) for final review.

From this process, you will receive a SCORM compliant, finished Short Sim ready for stand-alone web or LMS delivery, or for addition to a workbook.

Sounds easy?  That's because it is.​

A Deeper Dive

See the Short Sims examples (link above) for typical Short Sims deliverables and some different approaches to a sim outside of the content.  

For example, one decision is art style.  Clark Aldrich Designs has four standard house styles:

  1. A 3D isometric style with an emphasis on physical spaces (https://www.shortsims.com/covid19),

  2. A pen and ink style with an emphasis on people (https://www.shortsims.com/practice),

  3. An artifact style with an emphasis of simulating specific processes (https://www.shortsims.com/problem),

  4. A 2D clean style for exposition (https://www.shortsims.com/ransomware-alt)  

Short Sims do not use animations, videos, or voice overs, as they, pedagogically, reduce effectiveness and flexibility.   

Another decision is the difficulty/challenge level to the learners:  

  1. Sims for use by full time students (including military) as assignments should involve problem solving (i.e. lab/experiential such as https://www.shortsims.com/inclusive, https://shortsims.com/education).  These are shorter (~5 minutes) but learners will typically replay them a times.  

  2. Sims for most corporate learners except those in high-potential programs should be direct (i.e. naturalistic/experiential, such as https://www.shortsims.com/hostile).   These are longer (~10 minutes) and may not be replayed.  

A third decision is authoring environment.  House tools include iSpring and BranchTrack.  

Clark Aldrich Designs LLC will select approaches from these considerations where clients do not specify a preference at or before the SME interview. 

Additional Services

Additional services are available at an hourly consulting rate which include installing voiceovers (that have been provided by the client); installing translations (that have been provided by the client).