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Custom Short Sim Development

Clark Aldrich

All Short Sims are Designed by Clark Aldrich

We custom build end-to-end Short Sims.  Some clients order just one, while others order 10 or more.

Short Sims typically are about 8 minutes long to play, and take us about 3 weeks to create.

For each Short Sim:


  • Clients provide the topic. Broad topics may be best broken up into separate Short Sims.

  • Clients provide a subject matter expert for a one-hour interview (to be recorded, and conducted by Aldrich).

  • Clients can choose an art style (examples), or leave it to us to select the best one.  

  • There are 3 client handoffs: a rough outline, a draft Short Sim, and a final Short Sim.  Clients have up to 2 weeks to review each.

  • Clark Aldrich will provide up to 2 hours of update work for up to 2 years after the Short Sim has been delivered upon client request.  

  • Short Sims that are contracted at a fixed price will be made according to the optimal specifications of:

    • Number of Words: 1800-2600

    • Number of "Common/Important Mistakes" presented to learner: 3-9

    • Number of Levels:  2-3

    • Number of Props or Graphs: 0-3

    • Number of Characters: 1-3

    • Number of Sets: 0-2

    • Number of Total Slides: 60-90

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