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Topics and House Styles for Custom Short Sims


Professional and Life Skills using Pen and Ink

The pen and ink style puts learners at ease, increasing receptiveness and empathy.


Certification Skills using Literal Props

A prop style is ideal for showing highly specific steps.  Greatly increases the comfort previously only achievable in face-to-face equipment demonstrations, hands-on software experience, and technical labs.


Activities in Physical Space using Isometrics 

An isometric style is used when a physical situational awareness needs to be developed, such as in safety and orientation programs.  

Another Physical Space Example


Interpersonal Processes using Vectors

A vector style emphasizes formality, structure, and established interpersonal processes.  This approach can use isometric graphics for transitions and establishing shots.


Abstract Relationships using Conceptual Props

An abstract prop style (aka "sandbox") is best for motivated learners, developing deep conviction around systems thinking.  They can be used for foundational understanding, such as here, and also broader ideas, ideal for class pre-work, such as in the linked example below. 

Another Abstract Example