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Announcing the Self-Paced Short Sims Workshop!

Hello, friends and colleagues! Clark here with some exciting news!

As some of you know, I have spent years working with companies developing teams on the Short Sims methodology. I have led many, many live workshops.

The content is ideal for instructional designers, of course. But any team that is interested in imagining the future of education benefits immeasurably by building a few Short Sims, just to rewire their brain and rediscover what educational media can do.

Now, I have created an off-the-shelf workshop on Short Sims design. As the demand has outstripped my ability to teach, and in response to individuals who want to create their own Short Sims for their portfolio and get certified, this self-paced alternative is perfect.

The workshop is $495, and takes about 20 hours. This includes taking 4 concentrated classes led my me, playing through some Short Sims, and creating your own Short Sim one step at a time. Once a Short Sim is completed and submitted to me for review, the Short Sims Certificate will be issued.

Many recognize how well Short Sims make content better. But most instructional designers still fail when trying to create Short Sims on their own. There are so many traps, and too many people who are giving advice don't have the experience.

Take a look at the Short Sims workshop page. There is a 'Buy now' option for individuals, but if you want to be invoiced or enroll a group of 5 or 10 people from your organization, just use the contact button.

And please share the news if you know someone who might be interested, especially those instructional designers who are bored and disillusioned with creating traditional workbooks. Or anyone who really wants to take education to the next step.

As one of my students recently said, "You showed us how to let our inner creativity bloom.”


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