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What are the keys to creating educational content that endures?

Before you invest in your next educational program, consider this.  New educational media will not take-off if it is hard to adopt, even if it is much more effective than what it is replacing.  One reason the Short Sims pedagogy continues to grow is that Short Sims are easy to adopt.  New educational media must be:  A = Authorable quickly by non-technical audiences.  E = Editable. Easy to tailor and easy to update.  I = Intuitive for learners, without the need for instructors to work hard.  O = Open standards, technology, and examples.  U = Understandable to stakeholders. They have to be easy and predictable to audit.  There can be no "black box" of technology. They have to be completely trackable.

This is true of your next program, but it is also true of entire genres of content. These criteria are why the metaverse was a tough sells. When we look at a new approach to educational media - beyond niches such as medical or the military - we have to ask, can this approach scale to 10,000 courses?  We are seeing a welcome explosion of new educational leaders with better philosophies around "learning to do", not just "learning to know". But their work will not survive beyond the individuals' retirements unless they are supported by new educational media that pass these adoption criteria.

Which is why Short Sims are so attractive.


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