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Clark Aldrich

The world's authority on "Learning to Do” that bridges the gap between educational experiences and real world impact. 


​The mission of education is to connect everyone's individual talents to their individual passions to enable growth. Traditional passive content (lectures/workbooks/term papers/tests) undermines this mission, while active content facilitates it.

Why can't schools teach leadership?
Or innovation? 

The answer is sobering.  Lectures, term papers, workbooks, and tests were never designed to help us grow beyond the classroom.  

Clark Aldrich is the world's authority on content that improves thinking and actions in the real world.  

Aldrich is the leading designer of educational simulations and Short Sims for professionals, and an award-winning industry analyst.   A philosopher/practitioner, Aldrich has created and continues to evolve the first rigorous pedagogy around "learning to do" in educational media.  He and his work have appeared widely including in New York Times, CNN, and CBS.

Aldrich works with corporations, universities, the US military (where he held Top Secret clearance), non-profits, government organizations, and VCs to create new models of scalable lifelong education that deliver growth, while being less wasteful and more fair. 

Aldrich, who received his degree in Cognitive Science from Brown University, balances hands-on, practical work with strategic engagements.

Books and Patent by Clark Aldrich

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