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Clark Aldrich

Solving Education's Biggest Problems... 


I work on projects with corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs to implement the future of education.  


Clients have brought me in for roles including:

  • Visionary and Thought Leader

  • Simulation Designer

  • Industry Analyst

  • On Retainer/Task Force Member

  • Product and Feature Review

  • Board/Team Member

  • Adviser

  • Author

  • Keynoter


To better serve all, I rigorously maintain a balanced portfolio between large projects and small, strategic and tactical, and large clients and small.

For example, having pioneered a new type of accessible "learning to do" educational content with edge clients, I now develop these custom Short Sims for a broader range of organizations and guide them through building their own capability.  Finally, my newest book enables all entry level designers and students to begin their careers without the blinders of the past. 

​Prior to that, I popularized games and simulations for learning, and also published my fifth book Unschooling Rules that is being used by leading schools to re-imagine their  culture of learning.

Earlier still, I founded Gartner's thought-leading eLearning coverage which defined the emerging industry.

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