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Clark Aldrich
Simulation Designer/Thought Leader 


Books and Patent by Clark Aldrich

Clark Aldrich is the world's most experienced designer of educational simulations for professionals, and an award-winning industry researcher.

Clients, including corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs, also bring Aldrich in as:

  • Visionary and Thought Leader

  • Task Force Member

  • Product and Feature Reviewer

  • Board/Team Member

  • Adviser

  • Author

  • Keynoter


Cover Art of Simulations and the Future
Clark Aldrich's Learning By Doing Cover.
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Aldrich's fifth book, Unschooling Rules (Greenleaf, 2011), is a strategic tool for unlearning the bad habits of today's schools and reinventing education.  


His most recent book, Short Sims (Taylor and Francis, 2020) is a practical tool for unlearning the bad habits of today's textbooks and online courses and reinventing educational media.  


Together, they remove many of the hidden biases embedded in the lecture/ book/ test model of today's formal learning system.