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Get Good at Presenting Your Sims

One of the best skills in good sim design is learning how to present your sims to an audience. Through practice, get good at taking people through the set up, allowing them to make decisions, and showing them the feedback.

This is useful in sales, obviously, as well as conference presentations. I hope the videos under each sim in my examples page are good role models of that (hard earned) skill.

But they are also useful for design feedback. John Coné told me once that he knew, when being presented a course by the designer, how good it was going to be by the number of caveats the designer said before showing him anything.

When presenting a sim, I become acutely aware of what beats work and what beats don't work. And, one of the best parts of Short Sims in general is that they are very easy to go back into and make changes.

For example, I recently presented to a colleague who I hadn't seen in a while this sim for high school freshman thinking about their high school experience. I love the sim, but after the call, I also wasted no time in going in making a few graphics more clean and some feedback more explicit.

Click below for the "Goal of Education" Sim:


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