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Clark Aldrich

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Inexperienced Short Sim designer invest in complicated stories, media, and structures.  Instead, focus your energies on intuitive settings and interfaces.  

Short Sims

Clark Aldrich's

The Easiest Way to Learn

The visual interactivity of a serious game.

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The focus and reusability of microlearning.

The predictability of a traditional workbook.

Short Sims are online scenarios where people learn by doing that are still cost- and time- effective to create and deploy. Short Sims feel instantly familiar because they map to how we learn in life. 

The technology-independent and non-proprietary pedagogy was developed by industry leader Clark Aldrich during years of work with leading edge corporate and military clients. 

Short Sims help new employees understand traditional processes, such as document processing.  

Places to start

New policies

New processes


High-potential Employees


Clark Aldrich is the world's most experienced designer of educational simulations for professionals, and an award-winning industry researcher. He wrote the book on Short Sims.

Clients include corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs.

Cover Art of Simulations and the Future
Clark Aldrich's Learning By Doing Cover.
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Short Sims are ideal for big concepts, such as the business case for creating inclusive cultures.

Aldrich's fifth book - Unschooling Rules - is listed as one of the 20 most influential in Mr. Charles Koch's new book Believe in People.