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The pedagogy for
the next generation.


 Photo by Clark Aldrich.

No matter the goals of your learning programs – from leadership to teamwork; job skills to life skills; implementing new cultures to shoring up security – it's all about performance.

Clark Aldrich's Presentation at The Game Based Learning Summit, November, 2023

Aldrich and his work have been featured in...


The Build-Your-Own-Short-Sims Workshop


“The learning classes with you, well I would say more that it were a masterclass and I enjoyed so much. Honestly, I learned in few hours so much and it exceeded my expectations. You showed us how to let our inner creativity bloom.”



"It was a pleasure and an adventure to learn from you."

The Short Sims Pedagogy is an instructional design for performance.

Interested in our Short Sims workshop for yourself or your instructional designers?  We offer The Short Sims Workshop (Self-Paced) for Certification hosted by Clark Aldrich, now on sale.


We also offer Synchronous/Custom Workshops (live with Clark Aldrich) for your team.

Complete the class.  Build a Short Sim.

Get certified. 

Short Sims Clients

We provide custom and off-the-shelf Short Sims and consulting to organizations across industries—corporate, military, academic, government, non-profit—including...


Leadership for New Managers

Our off-the-shelf Short Sims address:

  • Role Modelling/ Self-Awareness

  • Delegating Authority/ Preventing Burnout

  • Managing a Hybrid Team/  Work-life Balance (Parts 1 & 2)

  • Inclusivity, in a Lab for High Potential Employees
  • Employee Intervention for Missed Expectations

Custom Short Sims


Interested in having Clark Aldrich build your custom Short Sims?

Why can't schools and corporations teach leadership?


Short Sims -- the world's first skeuomorphic instructional design -- was created by Clark Aldrich. 

Or innovation?  Or project management? Or certification skills?

Why can't we jump the learning-doing gap?

Don't blame the institutions.  Blame the structural limitations of the workbooks, essays, lectures and tests they use. 

But now there is a path forward.

Skeuomorphic instructional design is "the process of creating educational content that presents situations that mimic their real-world counterparts in how they appear and how they respond, abstracted for the goal of developing targeted competencies and convictions."  


Short Sims is a form of skeuomorphic instructional design that is both easier for learners and more effective.   

Where are clients using Short Sims?

We put this open-ended approach to educational content in front of all types of organization, and responded to their needs.  Across almost 10 years, real world clients have focused Short Sims on areas where traditional approaches failed, including:

  • fluency in certification skills;

  • competence and conviction in project management, security, and management skills; and

  • foundational competence and conviction in leadership skills.


Which means that Short Sims are enabling educational organizations to pivot from a fact-based curricula around memorization and basic analysis to a skills-based curricula around experience and practice. And because Short Sims integrate perfectly into traditional cultures and infrastructures, the pivot is seamless and enduring.

Proven worldwide and across industries, Short Sims teach competence not (just) facts by combining the most effective educational elements of serious games, case studies, micro-simulations and branching stories.

Cover Art of Simulations and the Future
Clark Aldrich's Learning By Doing Cover.
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Patent and Books by Clark Aldrich


Short Sims Examples

Short Sims are ideal for dynamic interpersonal skills, concrete certification skills, and everything in-between. 


Don't believe us.  See for yourself. 

On Short Sims...

"Aldrich has done it again.  He has created a solution that makes the room go quiet."


 - Karl Kapp, Instructional Technology Professor,  Bloomsburg University

On Aldrich's Simulation Work...

"You know what I wish? If we had it to do over, I wish that the 'e-Learning' business had started with this. That this was the first thing trainers and training departments and creators of authoring tools had seen."


   - Jane Bozarth, Director of Research, The Learning Guild

What if we got schools wrong?  Aldrich's fifth book - Unschooling Rules - is listed as one of the 20 most influential in Mr. Charles Koch's book Believe in People for its rethinking of education.

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