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All Short Sims are made in New England. Photo by Clark Aldrich.


The Pedagogy for the Next Generation.  

Baby Boomers gave us online courses that spoke the language of teachers, using lectures and workbooks


Now, every new Short Sim is helping us construct a better future for all education, which speaks the language of learners and life.

Short Sims Clients

We work with organizations across industries—corporate, military, academic, government, non-profit—including...


Short Sims Creator Clark Aldrich

Clear.  Action focused.  Visual.  Experiential.  Engaging.  Intuitive.  Flexible.  Sane.   

Short Sims is a pedagogy (with rich examples) for authoring educational media that speaks the language of experiential learning, not just the language of teaching, using the tools of traditional instructional designers.  They build competence and conviction, not just awareness and analysis.  


Short Sims—platform-independent, non-proprietary, and easily shared—changes the affordances of education yet feel familiar, because they mirror how we learn in the real world. 


The Short Sims pedagogy is robust because it has evolved to meet the needs of clients in all sectors, from academic to military to corporate to non-profit.  And every new client puts their values into the gene pool.  

The creator of the pedagogy, Clark Aldrich, is the world's most experienced designer of educational simulations, including micro-simulations, and an award-winning industry researcher. Called eLearning's first auteur, he created Short Sims and builds them for life and professional skills.

His growing list of clients include corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs.

Cover Art of Simulations and the Future
Clark Aldrich's Learning By Doing Cover.
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Patent and Books by Clark Aldrich


Short Sims:  Changing the DNA of Education.   

Interested in having Clark Aldrich Designs build your custom Short Sims?

Play some Short Sims for yourself, or listen in on Clark Aldrich's recent conversation (1 hour) with ISPI SoCal.

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The Short Sims Pedagogy combines the best features of the 4 traditional simulation genres identified by Clark Aldrich almost two decades ago in his groundbreaking 2005 book, Learning by Doing.

What if we got schools wrong?  Aldrich's fifth book - Unschooling Rules - is listed as one of the 20 most influential in Mr. Charles Koch's book Believe in People for its rethinking of education.