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Short Sims

Clark Aldrich's

The success of simulations with the ease of workbooks.

Your organization has great plans.

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But online lectures and courses aren't having much impact.

You need Short Sims.

Perfect for new employee programs, certifications, life skills, and professional skills. 

Why Short Sims?

Airplanes taxi to the runway.  In formal learning, this is the role of lectures and courses.  They develop awareness.

But to have impact, airplanes have to take off.  In learning programs, this is the role of Short Sims.   They develop conviction and competence.

Any questions?

Lectures and online workbooks fail because they can only develop awareness.  Short Sims succeed because they focus on conviction and competence.


Those who develop educational programs face a terrible choice with each new initiative.

Programs that matter use simulations.  For example airline flight simulators, Harvard Business School case studies, boot camps, and moot courts are active. But they are expensive and unscalable.


Most other educational programs use lectures and workbooks.  These approaches are easy.  But they are passive—their real world impact is weak, and learners don't like them.

Short Sims solve this terrible choice.  Short Sims have the success of simulations with the ease of workbooks.

Clark Aldrich is the world's most experienced designer of educational simulations for professionals, and an award-winning industry researcher. He created Short Sims and builds them for life and professional skills.

His growing list of clients include corporations, universities, foundations, the US military, non-profits, government organizations, academic institutions, and VCs.

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Clark Aldrich's Learning By Doing Cover.
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The technology-independent and non-proprietary pedagogy was developed by industry leader Clark Aldrich during years of work with leading edge corporate and military clients. 

Building Competence:  Short Sims can replace expensive and fragile props with interactive labs. They deliver the benefit of high fidelity without the costs. 

Building Conviction:  A corporation that failed to develop an inclusive culture with classroom approaches found success with Short Sims. 

Aldrich's fifth book - Unschooling Rules - is listed as one of the 20 most influential in Mr. Charles Koch's new book Believe in People.