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Are You an Inclusive Leader?

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Introducing The Short Sim...

​Customize This COVID Office Scenario for Your Organization

Its father was a serious game and

its mother was a learning project done on time and under budget.

Clark Aldrich

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Custom Short Sim for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Why are Short Sims better than online workbooks?

Short Sims are faster, more effective, and provide better metrics.  And learners like them.

Short Sims feel instantly familiar because they map to how we learn in life. 

Can Short Sims support advanced topics?

Strategy Short Sims can support deep skills, and are used in graduate programs and military environments. 

Short Sims present players with streams of relevant decisions with feedback. 

Why now?

The Short Sim pedagogy combines decades of leading practices with new tools and methodologies that reduce cost, time, and skillsets.

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How long does it take to make a Short Sim?

The average Short Sim takes 40 hours to create, takes 10 minutes for the learner to play, and replaces 30 minutes of traditional content. 

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From where did Short Sims come?

The technology-independent and non-proprietary pedagogy was developed by Clark Aldrich during years of work with leading edge clients. 

CLARK ALDRICH wrote the book on Short Sims.


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